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Last years, we had amazing speakers from Uber, Box, Sunrise / Microsoft, Lengow, Intuit, BlaBlaCar… For this edition #3, we’d like to give a chance to speakers from the community. Want to be one of them ?

Insightful & cheerful

LPC attendees do not want theory. They want you to talk about past experience, which impediments you managed (or failed) to overcome and how. They want to come back to work the day after the conference and apply what they’ve learned during your talk.

2 tracks : Inspirations & Operations

Track Inspirations : Topics on the evolution & future of Product Management, such as “Machine learning and product management”.

Track Operations : Get-your-hands-dirty solutions to very practical topics, such as “How I recruit my product managers”, “How designers and PMs work together in my company”, “How I built an API and transformed it into a word-class product” etc.


Your talk can be in French or in English. Each talk will last for 35 minutes + 10 minutes of Q&A.

The review team will be composed only of experienced product managers. Considering the level of last year’s speakers, a very high quality of speech will be required. If you have done talks in the past, please communicate the video links.

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A quick deck if you have one (max 15 Mo) :

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