(ENG) Why Product vs. Design is not even a real battle

Room : Bastille

Product Owners, Managers or Designers, we share 80% of our methods and aim for 99% the same thing: solving a problem with a polished product. However, we treat designer as creative geniuses, instead of rational problem solvers.

My experience has shown me one thing: as designers we should be treated as any other product professional and be asked for accountability and measurability of our activity. But this is a problem even in the product designers’ minds.

Why Pedro Hernandez the best person to talk about it :

  • Because he’s run three design teams
  • Because he’s both successfully and unsuccessfully integrated design as part of the product ecosystem
  • Because he’s run design teams within and outside product organizations (and he sees the differences)
  • Because he’s spent countless hours discussing with product people about “the same thing, using different words”