Thibault GEENEN

Thibault GEENEN

President & Co-founder @ Ferpection

Thibault makes all his 15-year career in the web, with a mix of start-ups and corporate giants : (if any one remember it, ping him!), Lagardere, La Poste,, Coca-Cola. He discovers the mobile world at Coca-Cola and notices how a big company struggles with testing its websites and mobile apps, in France and in the rest of the world.

Fascinated by the crowdfunding model of Kickstarter, he has an epiphany : what about “crowdtesting” ? That’s the origin of Ferpection : a community able to tell qualitatively their own user experience on sites and apps. The discovery of the lean startup kicks him into the entrepreneurial adventure.

He creates Ferpection en 2014 and since, with his team, iterates permanently on its user test offer, which relies now on more than 30 000 members.

Tu peux pas test

Room : Bastille

Demandez autour de vous. Tout le monde vous dira que pour faire un bon produit, il faut oublier d’être intelligent et écouter, factualiser, mesurer, apprendre, itérer… User tests, A/B tests, get out of the building : le du Product Management. Ca, c’est la théorie. Mais combien d’entre nous le faisons vraiment ? “Dans ma […]