The Product Company

Thiga is a consulting firm dedicated to Product Management.

Our business is to provide our clients and partners with expertise and support along all the phases involved in the creation, roll out and in-life of a digital Product.

We are fundamentally agile, and strongly believe that agility is not just about software development: it is a mindset which allows to open organizations to more transverse collaboration, be more flexible and responsive to change, and ultimately about putting people first.

Thiga is active within product-centric communities in Paris ( Product Tank, La Product Conference), as well as design (creation of the Design Thinking France meet-up) and technological (Devoxx, Agile France).

Most of Thiga consultants are business geeks, and also address subjects related to digital innovation in collaboration with the rest of the Xebia alliance. Typical examples of such missions: determining the scope of a Big Data strategy, or defining the re-engineering and go-to-market of a cloud-centric offering.

Thiga in a few hashtags: #ProductManagement, #Agile, #ProductOwnership, #LeanStartup, #DesignThinking #growthStrategy