La Product Conf 2018


530 Product People met in La Chesnaie du Roi on June 21st!

An ongoing success. Thank you so much for being part of it!

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15+ international speakers

They are among the best Product Managers & Product Designers.

They talked on stage for LPC 2018.

Keynote Speaker
Satish KANWAR VP Product @ Shopify
Keynote Speaker
Seema LAKHANI VP Product @ WattPad
Tristan CHARVILLAT Head of Design @ Blablacar
Pierre FOURNIER Head of Product @ ManoMano
Pierrick THEBAULT Chief Design Officer @ Qwant
Nicolas BARON CTO @
Léa MENDES Chief Design Officer @ Everoad
Martin BOUTGES Head of Product @ Clustree
Olivier JEANNEL de THIERSANT Founder & CEO @ RogerVoice
Barbara VOGEL VP Product @ RogerVoice
Rémi GUYOT VP Product @ Blablacar
Alban SAYAG Entrepreneur, VC, ex GM Europe @ Obike
Christopher PAROLA Senior Product Manager @
Geoffrey DORNE Founder & Designer @ Design & Human
Valère FEDRONIC Founder & CEO @ Facetts
Yaroslav STEPANENKO Product Marketing Manager @ Setapp
Vincent CHAVOUTIER Head of Product @

500 + attendees from leading
companies and startups