La Product Conf Paris won’t happen in 2021! 💔


BUT you know what? On June 9th, 2022, at the same venue 🏛️, with the same team 🤟 and the same product love❤️


You had already booked your ticket?
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An ambitious 5th edition

La Product Conf is a not-for-profit community of 5200+ Product lovers, born in 2013 in Paris.

For the 5th year, LPC Paris will bring together 825 Product Managers / Owners, Product Designers, CPOs and CEOs for a full day of networking and sharing!

Join us and learn from speakers of top companies talking about Product & Design, Organization & Leadership, Jobs & Careers, Psychology & Ethics…


The LPC team

Our top-of-the-notch speakers

Come learn and share with Product speakers from Slack, Dashlane, Stonly, Quicksign, Lunchr, Qonto, Alan, Jobteaser, Ulysse, Kapten_, Ebay, Dailymotion, Booking, Dott, Heetch, PetitBambou, CNN, Reply, Airbnb, Youtube, Algotransparency, SoLocal, Citadel, Meetic, Viadeo, SeLoger, Algolia, Clustree, Askip, Sybel and Yubo.

Aurélie FLIEDEL Chief Marketing and Product Officer @Quicksign
Keynote Speaker
Alexis FOGEL Founder @Dashlane, CEO & CPO @Stonly
Arthur ROUGIER CPO @Jobteaser
Clémence TIRADON Director of Product & Design @Ebay
Keynote Speaker
Mat MULLEN 1st PM @Slack
Jean-Loup YU VP Product @Dailymotion
Kristina GIBSON Former Product Director @Booking, current HoP @Dott
Julien PELLETIER Head of Product Design @Heetch
Ludovic DUJARDIN Founder @PetitBambou
Stephanie MUSAT Senior PM @WarnerMedia
Martin DANIEL Data science manager @Airbnb
Rebecca RAE-EVANS Founder, Designer & Strategist @Reply & TechforGood live
Guillaume CHASLOT Founder @Algotransparency, ex YouTube
Martin BOUTGES CPO @Clustree
Alexandre TAKACS Freelance. Ex Viadeo, Meetic
Loïc SOUBEYRAND Founder @Lunchr
Steve ANAVI Founder @Qonto
Rémi BARDOUX Founder @Ulysse, ex CPO @Kapten
Nacera BENFEDDA CPO @SeLoger
Martin SAUER Former Ecommerce director @SoLocal
Gautier SCHERRER Head of Product @Citadel
Lucas CERDAN 1st & Lead PM @Algolia
Sacha LAZIMI Founder @Yubo
Tom NGUYEN CPO @Sybel, Cofounder @ASKIP
Thomas ROLF PM @Alan, ex Facebook

2 theaters in the heart of Paris

Théâtres Le Trianon & Elysée-Montmartre, Métro Anvers

How to get there

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820 + attendees from leading
companies and startups